We hare sharing the profile of this horror movie Slumber Party Massacre Guitar for personal use only, not for resale. If you are into CosPlay, movie fan art or just want an unusual wall hanging this guitar is the bomb. If you would like the 3D version milled please visit the product purchase page here.
Click this link https://a360.co/2YSIQL0
Wait until the box below retrieves and renders the 3D Fusion 360 file.
Upper right corner choose File type. There are several 3D models. DXF would be a 2D outline.
There are countless programs that will load these file types. An internet search will reveal programs for file types.
If you just need a simple outline I suggest loading the DXF file into Adobe Illustrator or a free program called https://inkscape.org

Angry Mutant : Guitar Design and Build

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